Delivery is organized by the supplier, we ask our suppliers to dispatch items within 42-78 hours. Please reach out directly to the supplier for more information in regards to tracking and delivery times.


If you have paid for an item on pre-order, the supplier will reach out to directly for more information on timeframes and shipping costs.


How do I return an item?

If you wish to discuss the return an item, please contact us by completing an enquiry form. We will then contact the supplier who will organise to contact you to discuss the return process.

'Change of Mind' Returns

Ability to complete a return as a result of 'Change of Mind' will depend on the individual suppliers return policy. Please complete an enquiry form or contact the supplier to discuss your situation and whether a return is available.

Exchanges & Refunds

Exchanging an Item

If you are looking to exchange an item, please contact us using the enquiry form and provide us with the details of your exchange, including whether it is as a result of a product defect or whether it was the wrong product. We will then contact the seller with the details to confirm whether an exchange is possible, and how this is to be organised if it is approved.

What Should I do if a Seller Refused to Accept a Refund?

As a consumer, you have certain rights that you are protected by under Consumer Law. If you believe that your refund refusal is in breach of one of these, we advise that you contact Consumer Affairs to discuss your situation and to receive further advice on your rights.

Issue with your delivered order?

If you believe that you have not received the product that you ordered, please contact us via our enquiry form with all the details so that we can discuss with the supplier.


Warranty Periods

Warranty periods are dependent on both the supplier and manufacturers terms, which must also be in line with your rights under consumer law. We are not made aware of all warranty periods, so encourage you to contact the suppliers directly to discuss the details of this prior to purchasing if you require further clarification around this.