Improving your business through partnerships

July 01, 2020
Improving your business through partnerships

Partnerships provide an opportunity to combine resources and skills to achieve a greater benefit than what could have been achieved by the individual themselves. This can come in many forms, and does not have be thought about only in the formal way of an entity structure.

Whether this be a partnership with your customer to help them achieve their objective, an agreement between businesses to provide complimentary services, or connection to a group or network, partnerships occur even more regularly than we might consider, whether it be in a formal or informal capacity.

For Locals Direct, we see a great value in creating strong partnerships and connections from a business and community perspective. Being able to support each other is important to creating a strong and supportive environment often provides greater benefits than we realise.

One of our partnership opportunities came when we met Marketplacer, a business who specialises in providing a program to create online marketplaces. We had already researched, purchased and created a site that was going to be able to achieve the basic functions of what we wanted to provide, but Marketplacer was able to include so many more functionalities that was going to improve and simplify the processes we needed to complete, all while providing a fantastic looking end site. One we are excited to reveal to you soon.

So when it came time to make the decision to commit, we were faced with two options: do we continue to try and build a site and processes ourselves from scratch using our own skills and understandings, or do we partner with someone else who is providing a solution as a result of their knowledge, expertise, and investment. Ultimately, after considering the financial costs, (which we understand is also an important consideration), we felt the benefits that they offered was going to provide us with a much better solution than we could do ourselves, and there was no point trying to recreate the wheel if it was already built.

And it has also been an important experience to appreciate that there can be so much more value in some partnerships than just the end product that you acquire, and that the knowledge and previous experience of the people you deal with can help fast track your own business progress. The team at Marketplacer have become an inspiration to my business and a motivator to achieve what we aim to achieve, and have been able to really capture and understand the vision that we have and are working towards helping it come to life.

When it all comes down to it, the age old saying of “The right people in the right places” can extend to not only your staff, but the partnerships you create with other businesses and the products or programs they offer. And with so many wonderful businesses out there, we don’t have to look far to find someone who can help us out in one way or another to improve and develop our businesses.

There may be an area of your business you want to develop or improve, or a task or responsibility that you want to let go of having to manage. If this is the case, reach out to see who can help. It doesn’t mean you have to take up what they have to offer, but you might also be surprised at what can be available out there. And the investment of your time, energy, and money might just be what your business, and yourself, needs.

“Together we can do great things” – Mother Theresa.